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The Buxton Pudding Company is located in Derbyshire, England and Derbyshire more than any other county in England has so many more of these ancient recipes to offer. Each town and village in the county used to produce a cake, biscuit or dessert for special occasions throughout the year such as Christmas, Easter or the Summer Holidays.


In 2013, a very good friend of ours found in the attic an old cookery book dating back to the reign of Queen Victoria. In it was a recipe for Buxton Pudding. Being a rather formidable lady, she demanded that I tried to make the pudding as she said that she would like to try a bit. So I made it!!


However we were disappointed to find that the pudding was not as interesting or tasty as we thought it might be. But there was the basis of a great dish so with a few tiny adaptations, using almost all of the same ingredients as the Victorian recipe, we made our own variation and the Original Buxton Pudding was born.


The Original Buxton Pudding was very well received by customers in the throughout England who liked the idea of a Heritage recipe being re-born. In addition, they liked the fact that the pudding was hand-made and of course it tasted great too.


So, with such a wealth of old recipes and ideas in the country, we began to acquire old cookery books from specialist booksellers. All of the books that we have are fascinating and give an intriguing glimpse into, not only the dishes from the past, but also the way that people lived. Many contain cures for ailments such as cholera or even how to make your own shampoo.

Presently, the oldest book that we have dates back to 1849 and when bought it was just a stack of loose pages. However it has been rebound and repaired and is now able to be read and enjoyed.


The hand-scripted book is written by the household cook to Lady Rouse, who we believe lived in a large house in Mayfair, London. The house must have been large with the capacity to entertain a lot of guests as the cook wrote a recipe for 16 gallons (70 litres) of champagne punch; too much to be drunk by a small household.


The book lists some of the cooks favourite recipes by others such as Lady Polls Camphor Cream, Sir Watkins Pudding and, a sea captain, whose name in hand-script we cannot read; but it could be Captain Shapries.

The sea captain was master of 'The Africa' which must have travelled far and wide as there are several recipes for guava; which must have been hard to buy in England in 1849. Along with a couple of authentic recipes for curries.

Most of the recipes in the books are for savoury dishes and we are always thrilled when we stumble on a dessert or cake recipe that we think we could reproduce for our customers.

However it's not always so easy as it first seems as often the text is difficult to read and even when we can read it, we then have to interpret the recipe into a modern kitchen operation. For instance how do we interpret a cooking instruction that says 'boil on the fire for 8 hours'.

Perseverance is the answer. We will work tirelessly to get the recipe right and deliver a delicious, unique product to our customers.

The 'proof is in the pudding' as the English would say.


Great Taste Awards

The UK wide Great Taste Awards are held each year and are the acknowledged bench mark for food and drink awards in the country. These are the UK Oscars of the fine food world.

We are proud to be associated with these awards and have been awarded with 27 Gold Stars in the last four years.



United Kingdom 50 Food Stars

In 2015, we were honoured to be awarded '50 food star' status by the British Government Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

50 food producers were chosen after a six month research and judging process with the status being awarded for showing 'entrepreneurial innovation in food'.













Derbyshire Life Local Producer of The Year Award

In 2015 we won the prestigious Derbyshire Life Producer of Year Award.  We were pitted against the very best producers in Derbyshire and were very proud to have won.












Delicious Magazine Product of The Year Awards 2016

 In 2016 we were pleased to be amongst the top 5 finalists in the Delicious Magazines first Product of The Year Award for our 3 Great Taste Star Winning Custard.



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